Yet another article

This article focuses on the problem of indeterminacy problem in a domain that is supposed to be very determinate: terminology and LSP.

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New article posted

A new article has been posted. It was written in 2008 and it is a test of Chomsky’s lexicalist hypothesis.

Compositionality. Testing Chomsky’s lexicalist hypothesis. Synaps 21, 53-62. Bergen, NHH. 2008


Scholars have different attitudes to the relationship between general linguistics and LSP. In this article I will discuss my own view on this relationship and its theoretical and methodological consequences. In the wake of
this I will test Chomsky’s lexicalist hypothesis on the compound deverbal noun (DN) constructions in Norwegian. More specifically, I will discuss what happens when DNs with carried over argument structure from the corresponding verb in unpacked phrases like bygging av hus (“the building of houses”) are packed down into compounds like husbygging (“house building”). The two basic argument types subject and direct object will be discussed. Finally I will briefly discuss how petrification and fossilization may be studied in an LSP context.

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